Due diligence (DD) software package for mainframe outsourcers

The SF-DeepDive due diligence (DD) software package provides exactly what a mainframe outsourcer needs to get a clearer insight into given systems in a short amount of time.

When it comes to making decisions about the future of a mainframe, outsourcing is one option to consider. Of course, both sides involved in such a step have their own interests, and there is even tough competition among today’s outsourcing service providers.

Therefore, outsourcers definitely need an easy, early and deep insight into their potential “inheritance” and a curiosity about the quality and security of the given systems in terms of a clean and well maintained operating system, good security controls, proper compliance without vulnerabilities, well-established operational procedures via system automation, and other aspects. A failure of quality may result in additional costs and efforts that are hard to calculate; corresponding improvements have to be defined as prerequisites before responsibility can be fully undertaken, or can be offered as extra, paid services that are performed later.

The SF-DeepDive due diligence (DD) software package provides exactly what a mainframe outsourcer needs to get a clearer insight into given systems in a short amount of time. As an option, it can be combined with local assessment services from our company. As a kind of “Swiss Army Knife,” it provides all plug & play tools needed to deeply assess the quality and security of the configuration within a given mainframe infrastructure; if well prepared, it can be done in a one- or two-day visit. The outsourcer’s own technical experts can quickly gain a picture of their “inheritance” when they take over responsibility in the future.

SF-Sherlock’s automated 360 degree assessment and penetration simulation technologies for z/OS allow outsourcers to easily “X-ray” a potential customer’s mainframe platform to get a comprehensive view so as to fairly evaluate possible risks that would result from taking over the responsibility for a potential customer’s systems – that is, when doing a due diligence. One aspect concerns operational risks, that is, how clean and “rectangular” the given systems’ configurations are, and the other concerns security and compliance. SF-Sherlock’s comprehensive assessment report covers both aspects of quality with more than 1000 check points in total. Thanks to SF-Sherlock’s “easy installation” option, the outsourcer may perform such a “CT scan” of a given z/OS sysplex in one day. It has never been easier and more reliable to check on any “z inheritance.”

Apart from its “one shot use” for performing a deep dive during the due diligence phase, SF-Sherlock is also of great value later on. It allows outsourcers highly efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive 360-degree quality and security monitoring on clients’ mainframes so as to avoid problems through early identification. We are talking here about problems that may easily result in down times, breaches, or similar events, and, as a consequence, in “relationship problems” or even disputes. A classic feature as regards this early error detection is SF-Sherlock’s IPL simulation and constant parmlib verification. In this context, it can be connected to any SIEM, system automation or other monitoring solution, apart from sending emails.

To respond to the special demands on outsourcers in the current climate of high competition and steep obligations, we provide the option to add SF-SafeDump to the new SF-DeepDive solution package so as to perfectly fit the demands of outsourcers to provide cost-effective no-loss offers and to have all options for satisfying the expectations of more demanding clients with regards to today’s data protection, security and compliance obligations.

If you are an outsourcing service provider and think this could be of interest to your business and your team, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Over the past several years, compliance has become more and more an important issue, but also a tedious task. Our SF solutions assist you in automating the resulting workload to the max by also covering the entire mainframe platform - thanks to a 360-degree approach.


With SF-Sherlock, you can also protect your mainframe platform against attacks and combat high-level risks. Thanks to our max approach this also includes malicious code and exploits. Yes, both of these are real risks on the mainframe platform!

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Erfahren Sie in dem WEBINAR „IT-Diagnose- und Protokoll-Daten – datenschutzrechtliche Anforderungen und technische Schutz-Massnahmen“ von einem führenden Datenschutz-Experten RA Dr. David Vasella, CIPP/E, CIPM, Walder Wyss AG, Zürich, unter welchen Voraussetzungen IT-Diagnose-Daten unter das Datenschutzgesetz fallen und welche Auflagen und Restriktionen sich daraus ableiten.

Informieren Sie sich bei diesem Online-Experten-Briefing am 27.9.2022 oder 30.11.2022, jeweils um 13.30-14.15 Uhr, über das für jeden IT-Betrieb wichtige Datenschutz- und Sicherheitsthema der IT-Diagnose-Daten.

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SF-Sherlock Continuous Delivery Level 089

Begin of april we launch SF-Sherlock’s Continuous Delivery Level 089. It provides a broad spectrum of new and innovative monitoring, protection and alerting capabilities. For example, the policy compliance checker contributes new “superpower” to the SF-Sherlock performance. This new level also supports your cost savings by adapting the SF-Sherlock workload to the “Tailored Fit Pricing.”

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