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Fully automatic SF SafeDump operation. In companies acting professionally and legally safe when it comes to system dumps and logs, SF SafeDump was established as a firm component of the daily mainframe IT operation. In most cases all processes are even taking place fully automated in a 24×7 operation. A completely autonomous running dump- and log-anonymization operation made special operational features necessary that are now available: a) the zIIP-offload self-monitoring, b) the support of modify system commands, and c) the opportunity to automatically circumvent CPU peak load times through so-called “avoid-time intervals.”

Thanks to SF SafeDump, mainframe users can fulfill the strong regulatory data protection requirements relevant to system dumps and logs with minimal time and costs – everything runs completely automatically and with a zIIP-offload rate of up to 95%. The risks associated with the transfer of dumps and logs to third parties and service providers cannot be eliminated in a more efficient and cost-effective way.