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Cyber Insurance Technology and Risk Advisor

We support underwriters in identifying liability-relevant IT risks.

Underwriters in the field of cyber insurance as well as D&O and IT liability count on our expertise. Our support focuses on identifying upcoming liability-relevant IT risks on the part of the policyholders so that they do not become incalculable risks for the insurers.

Insurance products in the area of cyber insurance as well as D&O and IT liability are complex for both parties, insurer and policyholder. Since the primary risks have a technological origin, IT security as well as data and privacy protection are top-level concerns. All fields involved are subject to constant change and increasing complexity. An important question is always what risks come next.

As a solution provider, we deal with these IT risks on a daily basis, not just theoretically, but develop successful measures to eliminate them. In other words, we know what matters.

For this reason, we are a competent partner for underwriters and their teams to

  • a) develop appropriate insurance conditions in terms of both obligations and possible increases in risk,
  • b) improve the cyber liability questionnaire,
  • c) provide forensic support in case of incidents, and
  • d) support pro-active awareness campaigns and preventive measures.

Thanks to our high level of expertise in the area of “data protection for IT diagnostics”, we support cyber insurers in combating risks arising from the latest legal developments surrounding the GDPR, for example through our anonymization technologies.

We are happy to support you and your team in this area.

Cyber Security


Cyber security risks are not deterred from the mainframe. It’s simply too connected to remain invisible and unreachable to hackers and others with bad intentions. You would be very much surprised to see the large number of highly-skilled specialists who are engaged in challenging the security and safety of a mainframe.



Since our compliance automation solutions have been invented and developed in-house, we definitely know what is necessary to comply with all the many different regulations, and how compliance monitoring can be automated to the max.

SF Solution Support


We would be happy to fully assist you to efficiently as well as effectively implement and operate all the SF solutions you use.

Forensic & Emergency


Just in case! If your installation is the victim of any kind of internal or external attack, we are on stand-by to assist you in analyzing, fixing and managing the given situation. Thanks to our unique expertise, we know how to handle any situation. 

Are you expecting a governmental audit of your mainframe platform soon, as
by the BaFin, ECB, or one of
the “Big Four”?

Let us help you prepare your mainframe security and compliance.

+800 - 37 333 853 or simply dial: +800 - DRFEDTKE

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News & IT Security Forum

Our presentation at the cyber insurance symposium

At the symposium “Cyber insurance in practice – from product development to underwriting to claims management”, we will be giving a presentation on the topic “After Microsoft key theft from crash dump: updating cyber insurance obligations”. You can find all further details here.

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Worldwide toll-free phone number

+800 - 37 333 853
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(+ represents the prefix for international calls; in most countries it is 00, and you have to dial 00800-37333853; in the U.S. it corresponds to 011, and you have to dial 011-800-37333853)

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