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SOC (Security Operation Center)
Mainframe integration to SOC and SIEM

SF solutions present a harmonious, effective and efficient SOC integration of the mainframe

Both SF-Sherlock and SF-NoEvasion directly support all leading SIEM solutions with plug & play connectors, such as for Splunk, ArcSight and QRadar. In the case of Splunk, events are CIM-classified to allow you to directly “feed” corresponding SOC apps of Splunk with vulnerability, event monitoring and intrusion detection results from z/OS. Since false positives in the context of SOC present a significant additional challenge to your organization compared to a classic and more isolated audit or IDS environment, it is even more important the SF-Sherlock and SF-NoEvasion give you full control when it comes to contributing the right “mainframe topics” to your SOC, step-by-step and in the right dose.

This is great news for all companies that implement an SOC. Running a real cross-platform SOC by including the z/OS mainframe has never been easier.


Over the past several years, compliance has become more and more an important issue, but also a tedious task. Our SF solutions assist you in automating the resulting workload to the max by also covering the entire mainframe platform - thanks to a 360-degree approach.


With SF-Sherlock, you can also protect your mainframe platform against attacks and combat high-level risks. Thanks to our max approach this also includes malicious code and exploits. Yes, both of these are real risks on the mainframe platform!

Are you expecting a governmental audit of your mainframe platform soon, as
by the BaFin, ECB, or one of
the “Big Four”?

Let us help you prepare your mainframe security and compliance.

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News & IT Security Forum

Our presentation at the cyber insurance symposium

At the symposium “Cyber insurance in practice – from product development to underwriting to claims management”, we will be giving a presentation on the topic “After Microsoft key theft from crash dump: updating cyber insurance obligations”. You can find all further details here.

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(+ represents the prefix for international calls; in most countries it is 00, and you have to dial 00800-37333853; in the U.S. it corresponds to 011, and you have to dial 011-800-37333853)

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