Refuel your enterprise audit solution with the most comprehensive and complete z/OS audit data

Plug & play SIEM connector for your z/OS mainframes (e.g. Splunk, ArcSight, QRadar, etc.

Ultimate hardening, streamlining and consolidation of your audit & security trails.

Log –  Block – Modify.

Allows for the replacement of password and security exits

Target your true auditing & security enemies!

Systems and processes never tell you the whole story. But complete and authentic logs are a prerequisite for both proper IT operation and complete auditing & compliance – including effective detection of fraud and abuse. You may not believe this, but much of the essential and highly critical activity on your recognized z/OS mainframe simply does not come to your attention since it is not logged or properly protected.

The triad of smart and smooth z/OS command and system service verification includes logging, blocking and modifying.
SF-NoEvasion for z/OS allows for the ultimate hardening and transparency of your audit trails with regards to the suppression of information, bypassing, fraud and abuse. It also improves and enhances critical security controls to allow for highly precise and flexible decisions about how they are to be used! Become the boss by finally knowing the complete story on what’s happening on your z platform!

The plug & play Real-Time Sniffer, Spool Monitor, File Watcher, Universal Log Scanner and Event Forwarder finally lets you feed all your security and compliance monitoring applications with event data – with utmost completeness and speed. The included PC-based system for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provides a high-performance audit workflow. As an option, it lets you also include events of non-mainframe platforms, such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc.

Highest security and compliance levels for the z/OS mainframe platform are requestedAll security and compliance standards, like SOX, PCI, ISO, FERC, DOD, HiPAA, etc., claim full (100%) transparency and the ability to audit completely all processes in your company’s IT. Missing audit information represents a top-level risk, implying the impossibility of effectively detecting fraud, abuse and non-compliant behavior.

But how can incomplete logs be possible on platforms that have received the highest levels of [security] certifications? Your fear is reasonable! Various processes may be involved, such as invalid system configurations, critical system services supporting “no logging” features, tricky log suppression, bypassed security mechanisms, and much more. High-value compliance certifications may easily become invalidated in cases of incomplete audit data. Skilled software vendors, staff, or parties with malicious intent may easily dupe you by hiding the “actual truth”, and, furthermore, putting into question your company’s compliance and the legal protections of your auditing.

SF-NoEvasion profits from the experience of having penetrated and assessed mainframes for over a decade to achieve extremely secure environments.


It provides comprehensive and smart command and system service verification to completely audit and protect all critical z/OS components, including Security Server (RACF), user authentication, user password change, console commands, FTP, and much more. At last, you no longer have to put up with any potential weaknesses in your audit trails, and you can finally achieve the highest level of automated controls and completeness in your compliance strategy!

Finally, you know all of what’s involved in becoming really compliant and secure!


Over the past several years, compliance has become more and more an important issue, but also a tedious task. Our SF solutions assist you in automating the resulting workload to the max by also covering the entire mainframe platform - thanks to a 360-degree approach.


With SF-Sherlock, you can also protect your mainframe platform against attacks and combat high-level risks. Thanks to our max approach this also includes malicious code and exploits. Yes, both of these are real risks on the mainframe platform!

Are you expecting a governmental audit of your mainframe platform soon, as
by the BaFin, ECB, or one of
the “Big Four”?

Let us help you prepare your mainframe security and compliance.

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News & IT Security Forum

WEBINAR for German speaking Switzerland on Data Privacy for Diagnostics and DSG

Erfahren Sie in dem WEBINAR „IT-Diagnose- und Protokoll-Daten – datenschutzrechtliche Anforderungen und technische Schutz-Massnahmen“ von einem führenden Datenschutz-Experten RA Dr. David Vasella, CIPP/E, CIPM, Walder Wyss AG, Zürich, unter welchen Voraussetzungen IT-Diagnose-Daten unter das Datenschutzgesetz fallen und welche Auflagen und Restriktionen sich daraus ableiten.

Informieren Sie sich bei diesem Online-Experten-Briefing am 27.9.2022 oder 30.11.2022, jeweils um 13.30-14.15 Uhr, über das für jeden IT-Betrieb wichtige Datenschutz- und Sicherheitsthema der IT-Diagnose-Daten.

Hier finden Sie weitere Details; auch gibt es eine zugehörige Pressemitteilung.

SF-Sherlock Continuous Delivery Level 089

Begin of april we launch SF-Sherlock’s Continuous Delivery Level 089. It provides a broad spectrum of new and innovative monitoring, protection and alerting capabilities. For example, the policy compliance checker contributes new “superpower” to the SF-Sherlock performance. This new level also supports your cost savings by adapting the SF-Sherlock workload to the “Tailored Fit Pricing.”

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or simply dial:

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(+ represents the prefix for international calls; in most countries it is 00, and you have to dial 00800-37333853; in the U.S. it corresponds to 011, and you have to dial 011-800-37333853)

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