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Constant monitoring and auditing of all computer systems is state of the art. For large enterprises it also requires a real-time integration of the mainframe platforms governing event monitoring, vulnerability assessment and compliance checking. With SF-Sherlock and SF-NoEvasion, your security monitoring solution is powerful and can be implemented across your enterprise through the easy integration of the mainframe.


Over the past several years, compliance has become more and more an important issue, but also a tedious task. Our SF solutions assist you in automating the resulting workload to the max by also covering the entire mainframe platform - thanks to a 360-degree approach.


With SF-Sherlock, you can also protect your mainframe platform against attacks and combat high-level risks. Thanks to our max approach this also includes malicious code and exploits. Yes, both of these are real risks on the mainframe platform!

SF Solutions

All SF solutions are invented and developed in-house. Therefore, you can count on both our unique expertise and our high level of motivation in providing you with solutions and services with maximum performance, effectiveness, and productivity.

Automate your IT Security and Compliance to the max today!

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COVID-19 virus pandemic: great remote support experience thanks to Skype, MS Teams, etc.

The current COVID-19 virus pandemic represents a new level of personal and business experience. We hope that you, your loved ones, and your colleagues are safe and well. Now more than ever, we must do the right things and be prepared to take steps beyond what we’re typically required to do.

We are here to support your business continuity with cost efficiency, security and health in mind. As the COVID-19 virus pandemic continues, we want to contribute our part to help you navigate the challenges that will face us all. The last weeks have proven that Skype for Business, MS Teams, TeamViewer, FastViewer, and corresponding solutions, allow us to provide our premium support also from remote. This helps a lot to keep things rolling.

Therefore, please do not hesitate in contacting us for receiving remote support or training as normally.

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