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At first glance, it might sound odd, but key functions of security software performance target the “invisible workings of your IT” that require transparency. It is the job of security monitoring to locate hidden security gaps and weaknesses, even those unknown to their developers, as well as non-compliant operations and fraud in an apparently flawless and safe environment.

This key feature makes security software unique. Procurement-related decisions likewise require slightly different evaluations and strategies. Aside from quality-related concerns and technological depth, the vendor’s independence is paramount. Only independent vendors of security monitoring solutions are free to publish, discuss, target and ruthlessly remove all weaknesses of your IT platform, solution or product. Independence is both the requirement and the guarantee for not ignoring or bypassing any company-internal weaknesses or taboos internal to the company, such as not to tampering with the image or sales projections of any product.

Is this single argument really strong enough to supersede company policies like minimizing the number of software vendors? Isn’t it critical for independent security software vendors to remain compatible and up-to-date concerning the monitored platform, products, or solutions? Doesn’t this aspect demand a single-source strategy? Well, this argument is often used, and it sounds plausible that only the developer of the operating system, solution or platform is aware of the latest features and improvements for future implementation. But the reality of the professional software market proves otherwise, especially regarding operating systems – not just open source. Today, professional software vendors receive all the required information “just in time” to be capable of adapting their software products. General and specific legal regulations and agreements guarantee the expeditious release of the required current software to the customer.

We can conclude that missing competition in the area of security monitoring automatically results in a lower level of security on the user’s site. Like all monopolies, your reward will be low performance. The stimulating factor of competition is the precondition and guarantor for your success and sovereign control in IT.

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