Companies dealing with extremely sensitive data often use confidential data scanner (CDS) applications to do a general scan of all documents before they may leave house. It’s important to emphasize that such CDS solutions do not perform any kinds of anonymization, but instead scan documents (files) for possible sensitive content and create a corresponding report. With SF-SafeDump’s new PTF level 017 it’s easy to exploit the performance of any CDS, namely, for double-checking any anonymized dumps and log files as regards possible “leftovers.” But we don’t want to give you the wrong impression: the principal quality check, which is highly comprehensive and fully sufficient, also happens within SF-SafeDump. This means that you are safe and covered without a CDS. You should also be aware of the fact that SF-SafeDump covers many more categories of sensitive information than a CDS solution.

Overall, the integration of a given CDS into SF-SafeDump is fully optional. On the other hand, it’s a nice feature, since a CDS may increase the company-internal compliance level and promote good feelings while applying the “golden rule” of mandatory document scanning fully effectively to in fact any document, i.e. also to dump and log files originating from the mainframe. We definitely support any such scenario and won’t take it “personally” if users extend the already powerful quality assurance provided by SF-SafeDump through additional review capabilities. We are confident, since SF-SafeDump learns from the results of the CDS. To make this clear: it’s still the goal and duty of SF-SafeDump to leave any CDS report empty.

With PTF Level 017, everything is provided for such an integration of a CDS and to even fully automate the related procedures; the tools provided also solve all best practice problems that occur within such a CDS integration. The new PTF level 017 is now released and ready for download.