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non-SF solution training (e.g. Splunk, etc.)

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This workshop is exclusively offered as an inhouse training. You must supply the room, beamer, overhead projector, flip chart, and access to the z/OS system.


z/OS system programming, RACF and Security Server administration, auditing, IT security, and the UNIX departments.



1.5 up to 2 days.

Number of Participants

Up to 10 internal employees; external employees are not permitted.


Upon your request

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News & IT Security Forum

Don’t miss our article in the German magazine KES about automatic reactions in a Security Operation Center (SOC)

KES is a leading security magazine in Germany and includes the official news of the BSI (“Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik”) . At September 30, 2019 the new KES magazine becomes available ( You find our article “Auf dem Weg zu automatischen Reaktionen – Der SOCste Sinn – Gefahrenindikator „Objektivität“ am Beispiel BaFin-relevanter IT” at page 64; it also discusses the z/OS-specific topic “ACEE manipulations.”

SF-Sherlock’s pervasive support for pervasive encryption on z/OS

With SF-Sherlock’s next PTF level 082 new powerful features are provided to intensively support your activities in the field of pervasively encrypting your data. The support’s scope ranges from monitoring, compliance and health checking up to “ransom” prevention. SF-Sherlock thus supports your teams from the beginning onwards in properly and securely implementing pervasive encryption on z/OS.

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